Vulnerable I'm going to be completely honest and vulnerable here! 

It's not that I'm trying to put up appearances or be something I'm not...we ALL know that NOONE is perfect...we all know that everyone makes mistakes...Everyone is on their own life journey...

Part of my "journey" involves photography...and with that comes stretching and growing and learning...I'll admit that there are times that I surf the internet and find other photographers and think, "Oh, they have sooo arrived!"  And, maybe they have...but the thing is, I'm always finding different angles, different views of life through my lens...different ways to capture a moment and make it shine...

This all takes practice, learning, asking questions, trial and error...

It's part of the reason that I've started teaching Snap Shops and Click Its...Goodness, if I had been offered those opportunities about 7 years ago, oh my, what a jump start I would have had on my "journey".  I want other moms to have the opportunity to let all that knowledge start to sink that by the time their littlest ones are kickin' the ball around the soccer field, they've got their settings nearly mastered...and then they can spend time continuing their "education" in other areas, whilst still "capturing the moment" to the fullest...

Does that make sense? 

So...where was I going with all that?  Well, I want you to know that most people (especially when they are trying to sell something) are going to put their best foot forward...or in my case, I'm pretty much only going to show you the AWESOME pictures that I get...I'm not going to show you the blurry ones, the ones where people blink, the ones where my exposure was way off

YES...I JUST ADMITTED THAT MY SHOTS DO NOT COME OUT OF THE CAMERA PERFECT!  YIKES...I sincerely hope I don't lose clients over that admission, but reality I stated before...I'm on a journey...I'm constantly learning...and I definitely have FUN along the way!

However, this time, I wanted you share with you what I've been "learning" and just how it has impacted my photography. 

Newborn photography is probably the most challenging aspect of this "job"...It may not seem like it, in that they basically stay still for you and you're in one room for a longggg time...I would normally think family photos would be more difficult...where you are chasing 2 and 3year olds around a grassy area trying to get a perfect shot...and though that IS challenging at times, I find it FUN and exhilerating...

Newborns are precious, new little ones...everyone is hushed and watchful...everything in me wants to capture every little thing for this new mom...and she wants those pictures to be perfect as well...but, just like the TV adds about 10 pounds to an actress...images capture baby acne, red blotches, peeling skin...the works:)  And though that is part of package, it's not really what mommies "see" when they look at their angels...and so, I feel it's part of my job to do my best at showcasing what their heart sees...

WOW...what a lengthy post just to show you this before and after picture:)  But, I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!  Have a great weekend!

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