Family Reunion Part 1 of 3

Last weekend our family had a reunion over yonder in one of those eastern states:)  Because of weddings and (sad to say) funerals, we've not had an official "reunion" for quite to say that we were excited to see everyone again and just hang out would have been an understatement.

We packed up the girls with all their sleeping paraphenalia, including blankies, stuffed animals, pillows, sippy cups, more stuffed animals and believe it or not...sleeping eye masks:)  (don't even ask:)

We arrived in a flurry of activity which later included a big ole slip and slide and a silly game of "washers"...

In the midst of it all, I was able to spend some quality time with some of my husband's cousins, of whom I've very much come to love as my own!  They all are kind, generous, thoughtful and plain FUN to be around...

And trying to talk them into letting me take their family photos was like pulling teeth...they were so "worried" about me and me being able to relax...

What they may not have realized is that I am energized by family and people in general...and especially so by those that I know love me for me...that value what I do and don't take it for granted...

I am blessed beyond measure to have these people in my life!

So, for round one of the Reunion Time...we have Jupiter and Kristen! 

Let's first take a look at their beautiful children:

Thankyou all for letting me snap a few pictures of you during our family time together!  I sooo enjoyed it!

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