Interview with a Snapshop "graduate"

Let me give you a little background...

You are about to "meet" Beth...

You might remember her here:

She came to my very FIRST SnapShop class.  She and her family have been my "guinea pigs" for many years...and I can't thank her enough! 

I was so excited when I learned that she actually had her own SLR camera and it's what got me thinking about creating classes...I watched this mom, only a few years behind me in her season of life...and I didn't want her to miss a thing...I wanted her to be able to show the story of her life to her little boys as they grew...and I knew that's what SHE wanted too...

Out of this "heart" grew the Snap-shop:)  (or photography workshop if you will) 

Recently, I asked Beth a few questions about her experience and if it was worth it...if I had created a class that actually took people to the next level of their learning...if they came away feeling confident about capturing life to remember...

Here's what she had to say:

1. What attracted you to take a photography class and why Colleen's SnapShop?
I bought a digital SLR camera for my birthday last fall but had only used it in auto mode... while it took nice pictures, I wanted to learn more of the possibilities of what it could do and how I could capture more moments of my boys (and have the pictures look better!)... also just tips on creating a good photo
2. Were your expectations met? If so, how or in what way?
YES! I learned how to use my camera in manual mode, learned the photography lingo so I understood how to capture what I wanted (changing the aperture to blur or focus, shutter speed to capture fast movement, etc.), and how to set up a good picture--how you're able to capture such cute pictures by tilting the camera, framing your subject, getting the right light, etc.

3. Have you seen a difference in the way you take pictures now compared to before the class?
Yes! I know I still can't take great pictures inside my house (too dark!... still waiting to buy a nicer lens with lower aperture), but I know that I need good light, and have been able to get lots of cute pictures outside!

4. How has the class helped you in being a photo-journalist of your family, specifically your boys;)?
Rather than taking a wide shot of all that's going on, I've been trying to zoom/focus in more on the boys and what they're doing, or their adorable face close up, or their hands playing with worms in the mud or digging into Legos... things that I think make a better picture and tell more of a story... I easily have 20 great pictures of Jackson's slimy hands covered in mud and worms oozing all around them and the smile on his face as he plays with them, versus one tall shot of him with tiny hands playing with worms (where it's too hard to even see the worms!)

5.What would you say to other moms that have the big SLR cameras but have never learned what it is capable of?
Take Colleen's class! A teacher at heart, she does an awesome job of explaining how your camera works, how to capture/set-up the picture you want, how to change your camera settings to get the right picture... all in a fun and easy-going atmosphere where you can practice and have all your personal questions answered! And when you're finished, take the photoshop Click-it class! Learn how to take your pictures to the next level (or fix what you messed up when taking the picture), and how to make holiday cards/birth announcements/birthday invitations, etc.

Here is something she created after taking the Click It class as well...You'll see her pictures prior to a Snapshop Class and what she's taking NOW!!! SOOOO AWESOME!

Thank you so much Beth!  I LOVE to see your little "men" and how they are aren't missing a single moment!  Love you!

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