it's Reunion Time Again!

Family is what it's all about...'s what we were created for!

Sometimes they can cause frustration, sometimes sorrow, but hopefully, in most cases it brings joy and relationships are strong bonds that through thick and thin, you are together!

Reunion photo shoots are fun for me because I get to watch the many dynamics of an ENTIRE family!  It's also great because everyone goes away feeling like they got what they were after, plus they get a little extra bonus with their little immediate family units:)

These folks welcomed my little family into the neighborhood about 5 years ago and they have been such a source of encouragement and love to us.  Our neighborhood is made up of wonderful folks and the fact that I can allow my girls to play out back and I know that everyone is keeping an eye out for them is just a blessing!

Mary is my zucchini-knowledge extraordinaire person!  She has helped me tremendously with ideas for cooking up yummy things for my family.  I am so honored to know both her and her husband.  It was a joy to be able to meet her children and was a HOT day, to say the least...but everyone was out there giving it their all because of the love they have for them!

Here's the whole gang...

I had fun with the grandkids of course....

I think THEY had fun with Grandpa...

And I enjoyed getting a few shots of individuals and little families...

Thank you all for a wonderful evening!  It was a pleasure being able to joke and play and capture some moments!!!

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