Getting out of GREEN...aka: auto mode

The example above shows the difference between auto and manual settings.

I went and got my old Nikon D70 (which has an auto option) and snapped a couple pictures of my eldest daughter. I took one on auto and the other with the manual settings that I chose. If you just look at the one on the left and cover the "manual mode", it doesn't look bad...but when you take a look at the blur in the background and the brightness of her face on the right...well, you see what it COULD be!

Though I normally use photoshop to enhance the color in my images, I did not use it at all, to show actual results with my manual settings on the right. And although, photoshop fixes are helpful, especially on crazy days when laundry is pushing me out of my's a whole lot faster when you can get pictures to come straight out of the camera just RIGHT!

Just another good reason to take a SNAPSHOP class:)

Or, if you feel like you've got a good enough handle on those manual settings...perhaps you have time and want to be able to fiddle with them in's an example using the same picture from above...I didn't do much to it...and definitely didn't do what the Photoshop Program is capable of, but it's enough to make my picture POP enough to enlarge it and hang it on the wall:) 

Maybe we'll see YOU at a Click It class in the future!!1

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