My Boys

Okay...they're not REALLY MY boys...but they're the closest thing that I'll have to boys...considering we have a household of estrogen, princess-crazed girlies!

At the risk of sounding all sappy and emotional...I just want to say that I love my brother.  He and I have not only grown up together, but we experienced life in a similar fashion...As children, we were each other's playmates and friends...I remember bike rides, make believe and campouts in the backyard...I remember fighting and arguing and pulling his hair until he let me have my way (Mom if you are reading this, I'm very sorry...not really, cuz I ultimately got my way and obviously didn't get in trouble for it...but still...)

As we got older, although he was my younger brother:) , I depended upon his advice and input...I remember late night talks ...into the wee hours of the morning.  We are a lot alike...even today, to be in the same room with us as we "debate" something...bring earplugs...our voices tend to escalate when we get excited about a topic...and man, when we get going...

Well...let's just say that our spouses..our dear, wonderful spouses, have great patience with us...

Speaking of spouses...Don, although I love him dearly, certainly married "UP"!  Laurie is incredible.  I loved her from the moment I knew my brother loved her...but, now I just love her cuz she's Laurie.  She is a wonderful wife to my brother, an phenomenal mommy to their FOUR..yes I said FOUR...BOYS! And, she's just an awesome friend.  I appreciate her personality and her friendship.

And then we come to the BOYS!!! These sweet little things definitely keep their parents on their toes...they are well-behaved and obedient...but, they are also all boy!  (as evidenced by some of the pictures as you'll see)

I have a GREAT family!  Thank you all for letting Aunt Colleen stick a camera in your face for awhile!! 

 I love how my brother & sister in law have taught them to "never leave your wingman!"

Oh Laurie...I don't know HOW you do it!

Bev  – (22.11.10)  

What a great family!!!

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