A Cowboy Hat and All!

A pick up truck was in front of me on the drive to my photo session. 

In the driver's seat was a man.  He had a big 'ole cowboy hat on his head and you could tell by the way he was boppin' that he must have been listenin' to some good 'ole tune on the radio...

Hmmm, I thought...Wouldn't that be fun if he were in the photo shoot...that hat would be so fun!!!

He didn't turn in where I had to turn...oh well...

And then Kim and her family showed up...and as her dad came stridin' up to me, I looked up from the brown boot shoes he was wearing to see large, black cowboy hat sittin' right there on top!  Talk about a dream come true???

I had a sweet laugh with him when I told him about my ride in...However, the rest of the family wasn't as "keen" on the look as I may have been, albeit they had twinkles in their eyes...but,  we just went with the flow...and got some great family & grandkid shots!!!

Kim has such a great family...Mom and Dad have been married decades upon decades and I was honored and privileged just to see them love on each other and on their kids.  Kim and her sister each married wonderful guys...I could tell just how they interacted with each other...their tones of voice, their gentleness with their children, the words they used with each other...I think that type of love is evident in pictures too...

It's getting brisk out as we head deeper into fall and creep into winter.  The little ones were huddling with their mommies & daddies...everyone was so kind and such troopers as I kept clickin' away. 

I couldn't help but take photo after photo of their adorable children...

Please enjoy as you see our evening unfold...

Thanks for a GREAT evening!!!  Please check out the facebook page to see more from this photo session in an album!

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