The Family that I want GAP to call!

Seriously...the cuteness that surrounds this family is just tooo much!  I LOVE taking photographs of this family because no coaching is needed...

Do you remember this sweet little girl?

 Her sweet Mommy and Daddy still look like newlyweds!

 And her brother...well...I want to kiss his little cheeks!
 Tiffani is an absolute natural in front of the camera...but that's because she just pretends it isn't there...she is completely and utterly absorbed with her kiddos...she kisses, and cuddles, and coos...she runs and jumps and speaks to them right at their level...

 I just walk around them all snapping a gazillion shots of their "family life" just interacting! You can see the love they share.

 Tiffani asked her mom and sister to be apart of this fall's family shoot...and I so enjoyed watching all the different relationship dynamics...

 Again, having all girls...I love seeing how sisters interact...and OH MY...the way this Auntie LOVES on her niece and nephew...and this sweet grandma who adores her grandbabies..
and...lest I forget daddy...yep, he's awesome too!

When processing photos from a family session, I go through and choose the ones that best depict my style of photography...the ones that captured the best expression and/or relationship in action...I normally am able to edit down to between 15-20...however...

Tiffani's family about put me over the edge:) I couldn't stop oogling over their sweet little boy or catching my breath at their little girl...

Soooo...I hope you enjoyed the sweetness of this family...and Thank You Tiffani for coming back again...

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