GracePoint Pastors

My husband and I, along with our girls, have been attending GracePoint for over 5 years now.  The thing that attracted us most about this church was the realness of the leadership.  I'm not here to say that we have the perfect church or to "bash" any other places of worship...Everyone looks for different things in a place where they want to bring their families to learn more about God. 

Our search began first with finding a place that had God's Word as their single place of reference.  From there, differences arise...what type of music, what kind of preaching, what type of children's programs...I know that there are some places that have nearly perfected these categories...but, what caught us at GracePoint was the fact that the pastor was authentic...he's open, honest and a man of integrity.  And he choses people to serve with him on staff that posess those same qualities. 

We are honored and privileged to be shepherded under these guys...

I got to spend a little bit of a morning with them in order to get some up to date photos for their website and just church ongoings...I thought I'd share a few of the fun ones:)

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