Family + DOGS = FUN

It's not often that I get to work with dogs.

We don't have a dog any's a long story...but the short version is, she went to live with my dad while we had our house up for sale about 4 years ago and then she never came back...and my dad suddenly stopped visiting, hmmm...he was a bit nervous that we'd ask for her back...they became inseparable...and well...that's the short story:)  We still love Dad...just so you know...

But back to my point...I don't often get the opportunity to photograph animals.  Which is really such a shame because they have the sweetest eyes and you can catch them doing the oddest things:)

This sweet family had TWO dogs...BOXERS to be exact.  Their little girl made me aware of that fact straight off.  She was very proud of her Banchie...and their boy was attached to Brutus.  I loved how he held control of him and had his arm around him at every chance he could get.

I had a great time wandering down some paths with them.  What especially endeared them to me was how their sweet little girl absolutely adored her'll see in some of the pictures below...just adorable expressions and love in their eyes!

Be sure to stop over on my facebook page.  Thanks again Heather for allowing me the opportunity to spend a part of the afternoon with you!  It was my pleasure!

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