FAMILY SESSION: Doppelganger beauty

When we first met in the parking lot, I kept thinking, "Hmmm, this beautiful mom looks like someone and I can't figure it out..."

This happens a lot to me...

my memory is slipping friends...

it was all that Diet Pepsi in college...the aspertame, the whateveryoucallitchemicals that ate up my memory cells...

I digress...

I pushed it to the back of my head though, because the littles came with silly energy and we were off on a scavenger hunt!!!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that my daughters & I have been painting rocks and then leaving them in different locations for my sweet families to find when they meet up with me!

These girlies were excited to see if they could find some!  
And...they did!!!

this cute little "chicken rock" became a fave of the evening!

We laughed and talked about books and summer and twirling in their dresses!!!

Finally, it hit me...oh my goodness, this gorgeous momma looks like the actress Lauren Graham back when she was on Gilmore girls in the year 2000. 

You'll have to google it and see if you agree...

Regardless, it's evident where her daughters get their twinkling eyes, beautiful smiles and gregarious personalities...

These beautiful days of summer leave me contented and smiling! 

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