FAMILY SESSION: part of the family

I had a rather full weekend...

Not only did I have a bunch of photo shoots Friday-Sunday, but we also had family in town from Tennessee.  During this busy season, it's a tad more challenging to find opportunities to visit because my time is limited.  

However, I was able to enjoy an hour or so at the pumpkin patch with all the cousins/grandkids on my husband's side of the family...and when the sun went down, I zoomed over to my inlaws for the always yummy, Italian spaghetti & meatball dinner.

Afterwards, as we sat around the table chatting, there was discussion about "work" and future...

When I was asked about photography and how I felt about this "job", I had a moment to reflect...

Some good advice that I can give my girls as it pertains to their searching and determining a future career, isn't so much centered around a specific job, but rather, I tell them to concentrate on their skill sets and on the things in which they excel...I will be honest, if I were "independently wealthy", I probably wouldn't take as many sessions as I do currently...I'm not sure anyone is still work...HOWEVER, there is definitely a beautiful satisfaction and love for interacting with people, families, seniors, children...

Because I am highly relational by nature, my "skill set" and my longing almost always centers around working with for this profession, it not only allows me to use my creative right brain tendencies but it also satisfies a need in my heart to be with people.

This is the 3rd time I've met with this lovely family and as I walked up, Dad gave me a hug and said, "we're all basically family now"...and they all treated me as such...hugs from everyone, smiles and laughing, teasing and honest communication...They are raising two energetic and INCREDIBLY CUTE little boys...I love watching the boys grow and I love the patience and insight I see in their parents as they speak, guide and play with them. 

It's always a pleasure to meet up with families like's privilege to welcome them back each year!  

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