FAMILY SESSION: HAPPY goes a long way

They've got a new sister arriving VERY soon...

and I'm thinking that current little sis, is mighty excited about the prospect of not being out numbered by brothers any longer! 

Regardless, those big brothers, though perhaps sometimes a bit rambunctious for princess style, adore their little sister...and I can't imagine having better protectors as they grow up. 

What fun to meet up with this family again this year.  I'm incredibly humbled by families that choose to come back to see me each year...I know that not only is Fall the most hectic time and my calendar fills up fast...that means some maneuvering and adjusting of schedules...these loyal and generous families hang in there with me as I juggle my own family too while working to accommodate as many sessions that I can. 

They worked it in on a weekday...after work and the busyness of school...and they arrived with happy smiles and happy attitude...ready to explore and have FUN...

You never know what unexpected adventures life is going to throw your way...but to approach it like this family, is to guarantee that your hearts will always be thankful and HAPPY is always near the surface!

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