It takes a lot of grit, confidence, perseverance and courage to get to the top.

It doesn't mean that it comes without a level of trepidation from time to doesn't come without choices having to be made, crossroads being met, or even failures & setbacks.

I think the thing that impresses me about Kathleen isn't that she's an amazing tennis athlete, or that she appears self-reliant and bold...although those things are true, it's more about the fact that she's on the road to knowing WHO she is and feeling comfortable in her own skin.

I've got lots of years on this gal, and I'll tell you that to be vulnerable, to be takes a lot of deciding that what others think, doesn't takes realizing that you are more than the mistakes you make or successes that you achieve...

Success is awesome, but it doesn't define you...and as I spend time with Kathleen and I watch her and I listen to her really cool plans for the future... I am impressed! 

She's got an underlying foundation in her soul...(I know that may sound old fogey or grandiose, but it's real) It doesn't mean that she's perfect or that she's even got it all figured's just that she gives it all she's got, she doesn't let others define who she is and yet, she has a tender heart that allows herself to be guided and teachable when the time is right...

I plan to sit back and watch this girl soar! 

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