FULL FAMILY SESSION: Quick Wit and Much Laughter

The goal of a Full Family Session is packed full.  Obviously, we want to get large group photos (sort of like a reception) We aim to get everyone into the shot. Sometimes this requires some maneuvering and being mindful of all the faces and all the eyes and all the smiles...It's funny to get everyone squished in together because that's when the laughing and giggling often starts! It takes a bit longer on both ends of the session (photographing & editing) to get it all together, but it always brings smiles.

Another goal is that of "mini sessions" for the individual family units. I will be honest that this is challenging part for me.  Because Full Family sessions take a bit longer to pull together, I know that individuals (children especially) can only really last a certain amount of time before smiling feels forced and everyone just wants some ice cream and to be finished...and so I'm ON THE MOVE people...ON THE MOVE!Simultaneously, I have to keep in mind that I need to reign it in...mini sessions are just that..."mini"...therefore, even though the ideas keep shooting into my mind, I have to pick and choose how we'll work it together (otherwise, I'd be spending 4-5 hours and sifting through hundreds of photos).

I mentioned before that a story has many elements (character, setting, action/plot and details) to make it complete. Most of my sessions focus on character and action, with the setting and details just adding fillers and acting as buffers to enhance the story.  For this family however, the setting has a bigger meaning because it's their "home"!  There is something special about the bridge and the ravine and about being together in a familiar place.

They've all been patient with me as my family vacation landed smack in the middle of my gallery turn around time.  I've been so excited to share with them (and you!) some of the images we captured from out time.

I will say that this family is one that is easy to get laughing...they are all very quick witted and can deliver punchlines with a straight face...only to result in all of us bursting out with crazy guffaws. I thoroughly enjoy my time with them...how they enjoy being around each other, how they have a closer-than-typical cousin relationship...because parents have passed down and modeled the importance of loving on one another.

I know you'll enjoy scrolling through :)

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