FAMILY SESSION: A tiny stroll...

I know that with the correct understanding of light, composition, a solid knowledge of your camera & feeling comfortable interacting with people...9 times out of 10 you can knock it out of the park with pictures for families and seniors...

at the same time, there are little butterflies that set to fluttering around in my tummy whenever I venture to a new venue or I have clients that have been referred to me through other photographers...I want so badly to do an amazing job, as a thank you for trusting me...

I say this because I had a kaleidoscope of them flying around inside as I set out to meet up with this darling family.  First, they had been referred to me from a sweet friend in Hilliard, which is quite a haul from my home, so I don't get out there much at all...Secondly, I really only come to Worthington area for seniors from time to time, since I live up in the Delaware area and stick to LC and uptown for sessions on the norm.  However, due to their travel distance and their little guy's tendency to fall asleep on long distance trips, we needed to find a good 'in between' meeting spot.  So Worthington became our choice!

I'm thrilled that we did! 

We had our own little park oasis on that little island surrounded by quaint shops, people milling and cars driving by...Nothing phased these brothers though...they were all giggles and smiles...especially little brother who is newly becoming ONE.  It was HIS day to shine!

I loved their natural ease with their boys. Big brother was a little shy at first, but when we finally convinced his stuffed animal/ducky to help me take pictures, we got some silly laughs and adorable smiles!

I know you'll enjoy these beautiful spring colors and the story as it unfolds...

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