FULL FAMILY SESSION: Which one is your favorite?

If you haven't noticed, I've had quite a bit of Full Family Sessions lately.  

For those that don't quite know what I'm talking about, let me give you a little summary/compare/contrast...

During a regular family session, I focus on the family...all the typical 'smile at the camera', interactions, individual pics, and lots and lots of relationships and together shots...

During a FULL family session, the WHOLE family becomes that "focus on the family"...so we do big group shots, but hone in on the patriarch/matriarchs...we do grandkids/cousins...siblings...and then we are clicking fast to do individuals and a couple of family unit images as well...all the while, capturing the candids and relationships that are evident...
SIMULTANEOUSLY, attempting to get this all accomplished AND keep the littles happy by constantly switching things up and being goofy!

These sessions are a HOOT!  I love watching all the dads' antics to keep the smiles going...moms are my biggest helpers watching for stray hairs or dresses out of place whilst I'm putting toys and such on my head and talking a million miles a minute to keep those littles engaged!

This family was a DREAM!  The sibling camaraderie was apparent from the get go...and not just with that 2nd generation...but, that love has been passed on down to the grandkids too.  

I teased lots of these brothers and told them to just look at their "favorite" sibling!  It was so, so sweet because these boys would get all blushed red and wouldn't look anywhere...

it's because their kind hearts wouldn't dare hurt their siblings, even in jest! And yet, the sisters would burst into giggles and make light of it all...

It made my heart so happy to watch them...to know that these parents have passed down that same care for family through the years...even with large age spans too!

My summer schedule is already starting to fill up and I'm excited to have more of these types of sessions on the calendar!

I know you'll enjoy their extra sneak peek...

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