The time has finally come...I know it must seem rather surreal...all this hoping and waiting...excitement and's here!  Graduation is upon us and it's almost as though you want time to stand still because in this moment, in this time, it's safe & thrilling and after the ceremony, it feels as though it's all over...

I promise you that it is not however...

I tell my daughters that even though it may "feel" like it...the high school years are NOT the best years of your life...they are fun, to be sure...but, there is so very much to which to look will always look back on these years with remembrance (some fond memories and others maybe not) but, it's just a stepping stone in the making of WHO you are...who you are becoming...

These first 18-19 years are character building and life changing and there is a culmination, of sorts, of where you have been...Senior photo sessions capture that "person" and yet, it's now become another starting point to the next journey that is up ahead...

Congrats to all my #ctphotoseniors Class of 2017!!!

For my upcoming 2018 grads, click on the Sign Up Here box above to get your FREE session guide and FAQs to CT PhotoMemories Senior Sessions and let's get you on my calendar asap!!!  This year goes by swiftly!

Can't wait to see you!

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