Throw Back

Remember that time???
When that one thing happened???
And we all laughed until we nearly peed our pants???
or, when we almost got our heads stuck???
Remember that??
Good times, good times...
Friends, can I tell you, that as a "people person", this photography "gig" has got to be the most FUN job in the whole wide world (well, outside of maybe getting paid to lounge on an exotic beach, sipping cool drinks while surrounded by all your friends 24/7, but I haven't quite figured out how to obtain THAT kind of job just yet)
Fall time (typically when school starts until Thanksgiving) my inbox is overflowing and my voice messaging gets full...
I have this awesome privilege of working with families, young and "older", lots of people and just wee little ones...
It's at this time of year, that in order to even attempt to keep up the pace AND still have time to help with homework and get to my daughters' tennis matches & soccer games, I typically can only blog a couple families a we stretch into November, I get on a roll for awhile...but there are always a handful of sessions that end up getting placed on the backburner until all the holiday festivities are finished and I've found my bearings again getting through January.
Here we are in February and I now get the opportunity to REMEMBER and bask in the memories of the fall...
In the upcoming weeks you'll be seeing lots of extra peeks into the sessions of my families from 2016...
I hope it gets you excited for YOUR CTPhotoMemories Session!
I'll be posting information regarding Spring/Summer Family Sessions & a little tweaks to FALL Family sessions...I'll also have details on Senior Sessions (best times, packages, etc)
Stay tuned!  I can't wait to see YOU!

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