FULL FAMILY SESSION: all the girls

Full Family Sessions are BIG DEALS!
You can probably imagine it similar to a wedding reception, but then try to wrap it up in the pretty bow of lifestyle family sessions :)
As a photographer, I think the most difficult challenge is attempting to capture the essence of personalities in the multiple individuals, while at the same time, keeping family units intact, and not "losing" the interest of the youngest of the bunch!
When you've got a checklist of "must haves" for the full family, along with all the unique combinations with relationships, it definitely puts a twist into the whole "session".
For those that don't know much about Full Family Sessions, it's actually a regular Family session, with grandparents added and then, as a bonus, you basically receive a "mini" session for the family units for half the price.  They tend to last a bit longer than regular sessions, so I encourage families to schedule these only if you have children that are up to the task and enjoy some extra time with their cousins :)
You can read more information HERE
I've been photographing this FULL family for a few years now and I must admit, they are easy, peasy when it comes to Full Family Sessions...
I think I'm probably attracted to the "brother/sister duo" that they've got goin' on and it reminds me very much of my own brother & myself...
Each family unit has done such a remarkable job investing into the lives of their daughters...they each shine in their own way, and there is an authenticity about them all and how them gather together.
Let's face it, you have to exert a lot of energy when extended family gets together...even though brother & sis grew up together, you've got a slew of additional people that are thrown into the mix and it takes great grace and love make it work...
this family has it mastered...and they execute it flawlessly!
I think my favorite times are when we get a little slap happy at the end...spouses really get into by this time and we're all laughing and enjoying the memories that are being made!!!
I can't wait to see them again this year!!!

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