Is it finally here?

Can we officially state that summer has arrived?

I'm thinking that we are probably finished with the snow and cold by now?...maybe?...fingers crossed???

I do know that my girls are out of school and with that has come a new kind of CraZy at our's a fun crazy, but hectic nonetheless...

We've got orthodontist and eye doctor appointments, final forms to fill out for school sports, garage sales and packing for vacations, VBS at our church, camps...

It's going to be a GREAT summer and I'm soaking up the moments I get with my family...

My eldest reminded me the other day that she's only "home" for 4 more years...

Ummm....stab me in the heart young one! We all know the moments are fleeting...or as I've heard before, "the parenting years sometimes drag by quickly!"

That said, I know everyone's schedule is as full as mine...combine that with Ohio weather...well, suffice it to say, it will be beneficial for us to get things on the calendar sooner rather than later...

Instead of posting specific dates, I'm sharing with you my "flexible availability"...Basically, it means that these are the weeks/days that we can work with weather to get you those beautiful summer photos!

June 23-July 2 (weekdays and select times during the weekend)
July 12-July 31 (weekdays and weekends)
August 1-14

Once school starts, I'll be doing a little shifting around with regards to pricing & scheduling as I wait for sports schedules to come out.  I will send out an email the last week of August to past CT PhotoMemories clients and any who request to be added to that list to get first dibs on my Fall Availability Dates.


I already have many scheduled for this summer...IF THAT IS YOU, do not worry, I've got you on my calendar and I"ll send out a message a couple days prior to your scheduled day...

IF YOU'D LIKE TO SCHEDULE A SUMMER SESSION (Senior OR Family OR InHome Lifestyle) Contact me via email at with a few options within the dates listed above...Early mornings and late evenings tends to work the best during the HOT summer days not only with regards to LIGHT but also the HEAT for outdoor sessions.  

IF YOU'D LIKE TO SCHEDULE A FALL SESSION Contact me via email at with your email address so that I can add you to the email contact list that will go out at the end of August with date/time availability.

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