Twin Bonanza

It's a Twin Bonanza...a palooza...and party for lots of TWOS:) 

Oh my, it is wayyyy too early in the morning for me...all this late night editing and early morning rising is starting to do me in....I'm going to start talking nonsensical (is that a word?)

But, ya know what...sometimes a little loopy goes a long way:)  It most often helps when dealing with little kiddos...the goofier you seem, the more apt they are to come out of their shell and show their goofy side as well...

The Momma of this family wasn't quite sure we were going to get smiles out of girlie half of this twin set:)  She happens to be the more apprehensive one, where her brother was front and center stage...

It seems that I've had lots of opportunities to work with young twins here of late (which only makes me miss my nephews that much more!!!) and I had a feeling that if we just waited a bit...if we looked for ways to let her feel like this was a fun activity rather than a lady with a big camera in her face chasing after them!!!

And so...that's what we did...and I think it paid off...

We got into the pine cones and started exloring...and by the end, Momma brought out the apples, which were a HUGE hit...

I so enjoyed spending time with them...the love they have as a family is evident...I even got to talk "shop" with the twins' daddy, as he's quite the photog himself!!  What a wonderful day we had...

Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon:)

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