Forever and Ever, Amen...

Last year I met this couple HERE 

So, I'm not sure why I was still surprised when I saw them at our took me a couple of kinda feel like you're standing there with celebrities:) 

Well..then you see the gorgeous kiddos coming out of the that point, I'm beside myself:) 

I've joked with them from the beginning that they resemble some country music stars...and being the 'hick' that I am, I am quite familiar with all the songs and hype:)  I must tell you though, as I told Ms.'s not too shabby to be compared to her:)  Infact, in all honesty, I'm kinda jealous:) 

As I mentioned, I met this family last year for the first time, but when we met up again last weekend, we just picked up where we left off.  They are so low-key and easy-going that it's easy to strike up conversations and keep that conversation going the entire time:)  We were laughing and being goofy, but by the end we somehow ended up on spiritual and politcal's that for a family photo session?

I love how they interact with one another...I really enjoyed their sense of style...I think "Shania" has an eye for scenery & "seeing" how something can really "pop"...but, then they all go and surprise you by being completely spontaneous...(you'll see what I mean when you get to that last picture:)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them once again...I hope you will have fun watching our time together "unfold"...



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