Three Years..Already???

This sweet family was the very first family of whom I ever took pictures...

OH MY...

To look back and realize that they subjected themselves to my craziness, even wayyyy back then...and then they just humble me by coming back for more...

In 2009, they only had one little guy...

Fast forward these some 3 years, and they've got another little guy and newbie on the way:)

I love them all so much...I think I mentioned in past posts, how God seems to bring these families into my life that "would be" the same age as my sister, Sarah, whom we lost back in '95. And, I just cherish those relationships...I soak it all in...just watching and snapping my camera to be sure that I get all those moments for them...

It makes me giggle a bit too because I realize once again, that if my sis, Sarah were still here, she'd sooo be trying to get me to wear fun girlies clothes, like this sweet Momma...and so, in honor of her, I DID go searching for this sweet skirt that this Momma had on for the session:)


Thank you again for always coming back to me...for letting me peak in on your family every so often!  I think you are amazing!!!

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