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Isn't there some kind of "saying" or "joke" or something about you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family...???  I don't remember what it is...but the POINT of me starting this blog post in that way is that, whatever the saying is, THIS family puts the saying to shame...

Why? you ask...

Well...the thing is...I have met and seen lots of families...not just people that I take pictures of...I see family units at weddings and many at school events and performances...And in all seriousness, it's sometimes difficult to find people that genuinely get along and enjoy being together...most of the time you can tell that they are family because they are "tolerating" one another...

In THIS family, however, you won't see that...husbands become become mom & dad...wives become sisters...cousins become friends and playmates...

We laughed and joked and jabbed and laughed some more at our big family reunion-esque session...

I loved being apart of the banter and teasing...and the genuine love for one another just shone through! 

What a joy my job is when I get to interact with such beautiful people, inside and out!!!

see what I mean about laughing???

Thank you all for such a great afternoon!!!


Holly  – (17.11.12)  

Beautiful families....and gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing!

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