NO Rainy Day Blues

To say that this season has been "busy" for me, would be an understatement...I don't say that to brag or make it look like I"m some arrogant photographer that likes to strut her stuff...(okay, I totally had a vision of ME trying to "strut my stuff"...good grief...NOONE wants to see that...believe me!)'s not just busy because of photography...remember, I'm a wife and mom too?  So, we've got dinners to make, laundry to fold, a puppy to train, soccer pratices to get to, homework to work on, hubby's travel's just LIFE in general...and me, LOVING to click my camera at beautiful families and trying to fit everyone in...

I've known this family for awhile now...(I could tell you stories about "Pastor Tom" and how he LOVES being called that:) And I think they are all awesome! I admire the way they honor each other in their marriage, the way their boys interact with them and others...I could go on and on...but, I also know that they are the epitome of humility:)  Let's just say that I think a whole lot of them!!!

We were workin' to try to find a time that would work in their busy schedules as well...not to mention, and I say this with all the love of a mom, it's just not all that fun for grown boys to "enjoy" getting their pictures taken...

and did I tell you that it was spitting RAIN at their appointed session time!

NEVERTHELESS...they were all smiles and positive attitudes about the whole thing...I guess it helps that I really have no reservations about looking like a complete fool at any given time...I'd like to say that it was my wittiness or charm that got those smiles, but really, I'm assuming it had a bit to do with the fact that I can act fairly ridiculous, especially when I'm just giddy about the fact that I get to photograph awesome people!!!

So, without further ado...

I had to stick this one in here...Many of the GracePoint folk have given me a hard time about being from, I had to laugh when Dad & Mom asked me if it were possible to change the color of shirts so that they didn't look "maize & blue" when they stood together:)  I was happy to oblige:)


thanks again you all...I think you look GREAT:)  So thankful for you!!!

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