When my husband told me that he wanted to move farther away from the "city-life"...I only had an inkling of what he actually had in mind...

He wasn't just thinking of riding his big ole tractor and being able to make himself "big white man fires" (as he calls them)...

My only experience with "housing" had been a subdivision...neighbors you can reach out and touch from your side window, sidewalks to shovel and hearing everyone open their garages in the's all I knew...

Well, I was more than pleasantly surprised upon moving "out to the boonies" takes bit longer to walk to ask for a cup of sugar...and hours on the tractor are sometimes a bit more than what I bargained for...but I wouldn't trade the relationships made with these neighbors for ANYTHING!  And really, I think THAT'S what my hubby knew in his heart that I would need. 

We are all connected out may take a haul to get from one house to the other, but everyone here reaches out to each never have to fear when a storm comes and takes out the electricity...or if your husband travels and you're nervous being "incharge"...the people around here are like family.  I know that all I have to do is pick up the phone and I'll have at least 3 families planning together of how they're going to help out...

All this to say, when Tana called and asked if I could run over for some family pictures before the colors were gone and the warmth in the air changed to our midwest drearies...I was more than happy to oblige!

Their home is will be the hang out of all teens when their kids are older...and wouldn't ya know, that's exactly why they planned it that way?  I so enjoyed spending time with them..and I hope you'll enjoy this sneak peek of their pictures:)

Dad wanted some good "father/son" shots with the farm equipment and fields behind him...He's out there on his massive tractor often...I'm sure his little guy is looking forward to the day he gets to drive:)

Momma and all her girls:)

They were such good sports with this one:)  The kids thought it was hilarious!

I never knew how beautiful it was back in their soybean fields...the sun just started going down and the light was incredible!


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