ABBY: Senior pics

Abby is the youngest of four...she and her 3 siblings are incredibly close. I have always admired this about her's not often you see siblings that consistently "get along"...most often you see "toleration" and/or "annoyance"...oh sure, you see them goof around here and there, but I've been more apt to experience the "rolling of the eyes" or frustration of having a "tag-a-long"...

Because of this, I have secretly stalked her did they manage to create an environment where each of their kids blossoms in their own way, but they come together and ENJOY one another so completely?  I admire their family greatly! 

Abby is one of kind...she's the "baby" of the family, so, I think that gives her a little leverage:)..and I can say this with all authority *wink, wink* because my husband, is also a baby of his family:) 

She's incredibly talented, honest, sincere...a positive and energetic thinker...she takes pleasure in the small things in life and is sure to never take a moment for granted.  That must be why she is so likable by many:)  And she's just so doggone easy to be around...

I had so much fun riding around with her and her mom on a pretty afternoon...we found unique spots to capture her personality...I love her smile and the way that she can always find something to SMILE about:) 

Thanks so much for allowing me the privilege of taking your pics, Abby:)  I'm sooo excited to see where you'll go from here!!!



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