Gerber has a new face:)

How quickly does time go by?

If you ask my girls, they will say it DRAGS by...they are STILL in school and the end can't come soon enough...

However, I would venture to say that if you ask ANY mom out there, they will say that time FLIES...

Sometimes we don't recognize it until it's already's during that season of life where you are just surviving the late night feedings and praying for naps longer than 45 minutes! 

But really, at the heart, I think every mom realizes that moments are fleeting...and they take every opportunity to make sure to make a memory in their hearts...they hang on to those seemingly insignificant moments...

a simple clapping of hands...

the little curls that linger around tiny ears...

This sweet family has made sure that they have those moments to remember...this little guy has a big brother who is enough years older to remind his Mom and Dad that time goes by fast! 

And so, when I met them at a nearby university, I wasn't surprised that they had pictures all over their smartphones of both their boys...I heard about accomplishments and the parental pride in their voices.  I knew I had, once again, met with a family that was going to be unforgettable to me:) 

I mean, let's face it...when you've got yourself this little Gerber Baby's pretty hard to forget:)

I had such the great privilege of getting a peek into the adorable life of this one year old:)  I had fun running around and watching his mom and dad get him to laugh and giggle. 

I am honored to meet such incredible families!!!

Thank you!

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