The Sweet Life

It's amazing how a baby changes everything:)

I recently was privileged to head down to a quaint part of town.  I'll be honest, I've always been a suburb girl...I know that we went a little extreme now, with living out in the boonies, but neighborhoods and cookie cutter houses have always been homey to me.  Therefore, heading towards the city, I wondered how I would feel in this new element.

Well, let me tell you...this family has found an oasis.  Looking at the sweet house from the road, I was in love.  The textures and outdoor setting was so tranquil and nice...and then...and THEN...I was welcomed into their home...and oh my...

The incredible decor and way that everything flowed from one room to the next.  I literally could have just toured the house and soaked in their keen sense of design.  It was simple, yet was that fun "wish I would have had their creativity and spunk before I had my children" thought, that came into my head! 

They have lived the dream and now they've added the sweet icing to the cake!

Now, of course they had their first "baby"...but, he has taken quite well to their newest arrival.

As always, I wanted to capture all the tiny details that "oh so soon" get replaced with toddler cheeks and toothy grins...

At the same time, I wanted to keep with their unique sense of design perspective...thinking of artwork on the wall and commemorating this special time in their lives...

This little guy liked to be awake and was incredibly strong for such a young one...It's always a pleasure for me to photograph families as they are always different with each session because each baby has their own unique personality...I want that to shine through:)

I can't express enough how honored I feel that people (who hardly know me I might add), allow me into their home and hand over their most precious possession for me to photograph.  I do not take that responsibility lightly. I feel so fortunate to meet incredible families, like this one:),  where I get to see from the start, their newly made unit!  Thank you again:)  Life just gets sweeter:)

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