I've received some good info from many of you regarding possible dates and days that work best for you.  Can I tell you that I'm sooo looking forward to this!!!

Here's another "assignment" (if you would be so kind)  ...

As I'm thinking up what we could cover in a "part deux" of our photography sessions together, my mind goes back to one thing in particular:  PRACTICE...

And, I know you would all agree with me on that...because really, it has to do with knowing how shutterspeed, aperture and ISO all work together to help you "light sensing" camera do the job you are telling it to do!

That said, I'd like to know some of the challenges that you are coming upon as you are trying to work your settings to your advantage...

Basically, I'm looking for some specifics so that I can use your time MOST efficiently, so that we can get out there and implement them in a timely fashion!

My first impression would be to cover things like: focal points & toggling, lighting conditions & metering, using your histogram, perhaps some white balance issues, and ???

I covet your input:)  So PLEASE leave a comment right here that I can use in order to start working on getting an outline together...I'm hoping for at least one Snapshop Two this may have to be during a week night for 1.5-2 hours after dinner (as my weekends are filled with weddings and sessions & few vacations thrown in for good measure:)

Looking forward to hearing from you AND from catching up with past attendees...woohoo!!!

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