Blessings Times TWO

We've been blessed two years in a row now with FANTABULOUS (is that a word?) teachers as we started this new redistricted school.  However, I am beginning to think that whomever has my 2nd born daughter as a student is bound to get pregnant before the end of the school year...BEWARE 3rd grade teachers...she's coming:)

Mrs. O wears her heart on her sleeve.  She is generous and kind, speaks her mind and is REAL with her students.  I think that's why they adore her...she's like a Mom...they know when she means business and they know when she's ready to have fun and above all, they know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are loved beyond belief!!!

I was so honored, once again, to be able to photograph a new arrival.  This time the newbie was a little sister...It's life changing for Mom and Dad when the first baby arrives, but when number two comes along, it rattles the world of big brother or big sister, tpp. 

This big sis has done just fine though:) She was all into wanting to match and wear hair flowers with her new little sister:)

You can already tell that she's going to show her the ropes and love on her every step of the way!

However, she's not going to give up special time with Mommy...I think that's the hard part with your first two...just learning that balance and figuring out even later on, that you even parent differently for each child...

Mommy certainly gets to enjoy some quiet time with her new daughter as well,'s those moments...where you become overwhelmed with gratefulness for the gifts you've been given...

Each little eyelash and raspberry bubble....

We had fun dressing her up in little bows and ribbons...I'm sure big sister will continue to "help" in the area of "dress up" as well:)

All in all...both sweet girls are going to grow up wanting to be like Mommy and wanting to marry their Daddy:) 

Thank you for letting me come and spend time with your family!  I so enjoyed watching the sisters interact and just imagining how they will continue to get closer as the months go by!  Congratulations!!!

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