Returning Friends

There are hundreds of photographers around this busy metropolis of Columbus...the business is saturated...which means that families have their "pick of the litter" (so to speak) when it comes to having someone "photo-document" LIFE for them.

And even though I know that every photographer has their own style and way that they see life through the lens... I would be silly to think that there aren't just a few (wink, wink) that are fairly similar to me:) 

Now, before you go thinking..."good grief, what is she saying, is she TRYING to talk herself out of a job or what?"  I promise to get to my point here in just a sec.

What amazes and humbles me is not only those that may see my work on a website or even on a friend's wall:) and contact me for a session...BUT,  those that keep coming back...they get in touch every 6 months to a year with the expectation of hanging out and getting new memories.

I am honored...

to say the LEAST...

I don't take it for granted...I never have guaranteed perfection or even promised that I'd even look "pretty" for you when I meet up to take pictures...and yet, so many of you make our time together so incredibly FUN and are so very REAL...I am just blown away by the awesome folks I get to meet and even become friends with:)

This family came to me again this year...I couldn't believe how much everyone had changed and it just does my heart glad to be able to "record" that for them...

I really do try to make sure everyone feels comfortable and at ease during a session..but this sweet family spun it around on me...they asked about ME and laughed and talked and shared and flattered me with compliments, I"m tellin' ya, my spirits were soarin'...I felt like I was meeting up again with long lost friends. 

I don't know what it is, but I have been so incredibly blessed with THE BEST clients ever...

I think I've mentioned a few times before that I have all girls...can I just tell you AGAIN how fun it is to hang out with the boys sometimes...:)

I love their speed, energy, curiosity and sense of humor...he kept me on my toes and I LOVED IT!

Thank you again for coming back:)  I so loved seeing you all again!

Bev  – (18.5.12)  

It's YOU that keeps em coming back - your talent, zest, enthusiasm, how you live totally in the moment Colleen. May God continue to bless your work! :)

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