Snap, Snap, Snap:)

I wish I could let you peek into my head so that you could "see" what it's like for me to watch people "get" a concept...

It really is the best part about teaching...the point in time where, after you have spent hours thinking of examples and putting together a plan and formulating all the information and trying to chunk it into "bite size" pieces so that others can "swallow", that the light bulb goes off...and you see it in their eyes...

You just wait...and watch...and let it "simmer" for a bit...and then comes the "AH-HA!"

Today was another Snapshop...a time when moms (and dads) who have invested a considerable amount of money into a piece of equipment that can do sooo much more than their old point shoot, take the opportunity to actually LEARN it's capabilities!

I was in awe of these ladies this afternoon...Some have newborns at home, others have still small ones...and they don't want to miss a moment...they want to give their children the gift of the story of their lives through photos...

They want their photos to be something that their kids will WANT to go through time and time again...where they will sit and remember the exact moment and feeling they had when the picture was snapped...not just stopping and smiling at a camera, but almost being able to "relive" the moment because the snapshot has taken them back in time. 

I'll be honest, I throw a LOT of information at these attendees...We talk about storytelling and composition and framing...and all the mechanics: focal points, metering, light sensors, aperture, shutterspeed, ISO...

And yet, I've been in their shoes...I wanted so badly to figure out how to make my pictures be able to stand alone...and "tell" something...and I couldn't find someone to explain it to me in the way that I could just wouldn't make sense and I would get instructors frustrated with me...

Because of that, my heart is right there with these moms with young ones...I missed a few years of having some great shots of my older girls...and I am honored and inspired and amazed that these young women are tackling this sometimes intimidating journey of learning their that they don't miss a thing!

I just had a wonderful afternoon with them all...This was the last Snapshop for 2011 here in Ohio...I'm waiting to hear if we'll have enough for a last one in Michigan this year...Don't miss out:)  I promise you'll have'll learn'll eat some yummy food...and you'll get a little extra something special as a reminder of our time spent learning together!!! Hope to see YOU at a future Snapshop!!!

thank you to my older girls for being models for all the ladies...they jumped, they posed...we blurred and froze was awesome!

I truly love what I do!!

Dee Dee Ball  – (17.10.11)  

Do you have a schedule for 2012 yet? I've only had my camera for a week and a half and want to know more! Let me know. Thanks!

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