Randy Travis and Shania Twain???

I bet you didn't know that I photograph celebrities...

Well, regardless of whether you are "actually" a celebrity or not, I feel incredibly honored that so many families would choose me to photograph their own family...that they choose to spend a segment of time with this crazy, artsy and often silly photographer that probably talks their ears off:...well, it's just humbling and I don't take it for granted!

What you need to know before I proceed is that...okay, totally being vulnerable here...it may even turn some people off, but I LOVE country music...I have for a longgggg time...I discovered it in college and haven't looked back:)

It would probably behoove you to know that I sang a Shania Twain song at my Dad's wedding and I pretty much had a crush on Randy Travis all through high school...oh my...did I just say that?  What in the world!  He had me at "Forever and Ever...AMEN!"  

Okay...you can stop your smirking... BUT, you can imagine my surprise when the two of them showed up for our photo session on a beautiful afternoon:)


You both are such good sports for letting me "tell you who your doppelganger is":)  I think they have such a great looking family...but MORE THAN THAT...they have incredible relationships that just shine through in everyday life!

I loved watching these siblings interact...watching Dad be playful and big sister being protective...seeing the love twinkling in Mom's eyes for her husband and children...They are raising a fantastic family...and once again, I am privileged to take a peek into their lives...

Thank you sweet family...I so enjoyed spending time with you!

Anonymous –   – (11.10.11)  

Colleen this post cracks me up! We had such a wonderful time working with you and the pictures are amazing!! We will definitely be working with you again in the future. Thanks so much!

XO - Shania :)

Amy  – (11.10.11)  

Spectacular photos of my sister-in-law & family!!!

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