Friend of a Friend of a Friend...

Jen and I met through a fairly unconventional way...but, I suppose we can thank social media for bringing us together...

You know how there's some saying somewhere about how if you go searching through who knows who you'll always end up with Kevin Bacon?

Okay, so maybe I'm the only one that has heard that...but the point is, that it's amazing how news travels...and in this case, it was a picture...

Somewhere along the line I took some pictures of my nephews and my brother & sis-in-law...she posted them and a friend saw them...who in turn told her friend and somewhere in the line, JEN found me...

I'm SOOO glad that she did...I have absolutely enjoyed getting to know her...I've not only been able to meet her through photo sessions, but she's attended both the Snapshop and the Click It workshops and it is a PLEASURE to spend time with her...

This time around, I got to meet her entire we did some "reunion-esque" shots and then spend a little extra time with just Jen's family...I hope you will enjoy:)

 Thank you again for letting me spend time with your whole family!

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