Yellow Jackets Rule! please understand that I'm not in favor of stingers and little flying wasps...

Moreso, I'm a fan of my alma mater...Cedarville YellowJackets!

When I first met Michael, I asked what EVERY person asks a senior, "So, where are you heading after graduation?" 

When he replied that he'd be heading over to the 'Ville...well, I was beyond excited and began to do something that I NEVER do ...  I just started talking up a storm about CAB, and traveling groups, and dorm life, and my life long friends, and it's where I met my husband, and on and on and on...It's a wonder I even remembered that big ole piece of equipment strapped around my neck!

Apparantly, my time spent in college was WELL worth it...

Hear that DAD!  WELL WORTH IT!

I am so excited that Michael has plans to attend Cedarville University in the Fall...And, we had a great morning together taking his senior photos...They welcomed me out to their home, where I fell in love with their backyard and all the beautiful landscapes...It was the perfect place!

Here are a few of my favorites:

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