Fall Time Festivities

Autumn has arrived...

Although with the over 80 degree whether today you wouldn't quite recognize it...but, sure enough, according to my calendar...Fall Is Here!

And with fall comes the most fun and sought after photo opportunities...the leaves, the sunsets, the colors...

I've already had my family out twice taking pictures and making memories. 

The "memories" factor is what I want to focus on...because, for me, as a photographer, but more importantly as just a lover of "taking captive moments"...taking pictures isn't just for the posed, framed image for my living room wall.  I want to look at a picture and remember that time...remember the feel of my daughter's hand in mine, remember the giggles, remember the whole event...I want to be taken back in time to when my girls were that certain age and remember how they were...

Because of that, my photos don't always look completely posed and/or staged...sometimes they are, cuz you gotta start somewhere...but I like the cuddles and the laughter...I like the looks and goofiness...

I'd like to RE-introduce you to a family who I know feels that same way...I took family photos last spring, but this time, their eldest son joined the group.  He happens to be heading off to boot camp...into the military.  They wanted these memories...they wanted the interactions, the relationships, the FUN caught on "film"...because their "season of life" is soon changing in a very real, and dramatic way.

Since this was almost a spur of the moment reunion session, I've been diligently working through hundreds of images...I wanted to share just a few as I'm wading my way through...I've laughed along with the people in the photos...I've gotten teary as I've remembered the mom watching her eldest son with her youngest...

I hope you enjoy just this little snippet...

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