I LOVE fall colors...pretty much everything about them...I like the way they blend together and then how some of them just pop!  I like that the reds are deep, not necessarily bright, but deep...the greens settle down from their springy color to that muted makes the trees seem wise and as if they have stories to tell.

I'm thankful that the "Artist" had the idea to add so much color and radiance to this season.  I love to be out in it and to soak up those last warm rays of sun.

I met Deb for the first time while standing at the entrance of Inniswood.  It's a beautiful place to witness all those colors I just mentioned...and Deb understood that as well...she consciously chose her family's attire and it paid off...

She loves jewel tones...the muted ones...the ones that seem to add that edge, and those that seem solid and foundational.  Is it crazy that I talk about colors like people?  Maybe being a bit "artsy" myself, I "feel" with regards to colors...I love how her husband wore the solid brown and she was in the muted hunter green...her daughter popped in jewel toned burgundy and her son brought the warmth of the cream...

And each with their own color...popped their own personality!  You'll see as little miss burgundy added her cream added his laidback and mom laid the foundation with the strength of the brown and green...

Deb and her husband have been married 16 years!  I was inspired by their not just their commitment to each other, but by the evidence of their their their children...for each other...

Here are just a few of the images that I was able to capture for them...Thank you Deb for allowing me the opportunity to meet your family and have such a fun time getting a glimpse into your life!  Hope you enjoy!

I had to add this one in here...because, again, personalities ROCK!

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