Everyone has in their mind what they envision for their family pictures...those that will hang on the wall, those that capture personality, images that make you look GOOD! 

When young ones enter into the equation, there is a level of trepidation when embarking upon a family photo session...moms are sometimes nervous, dads often want to know the score of the game that they are missing, and if little ones are under 2...well, all sorts of things are going through their little minds...partiularly, how messy can I get?

Tiffany, the mom in these next photos, did not exude any of the above mentioned "stereotypes"...She was there for the FUN!  She knows her kiddos, she adores her husband...and to ask her if she thought she'd even have a "less than stellar" way!  Look at those couldn't TAKE a bad one if you asked her! 

And I LOVED HER for it...Her little boy was all for the jumping and especially hanging with his daddy...her sweet little girl has an angel face...

Here are just a few of my favorites...

Sara  – (22.10.10)  

LOVE it! Wish we lived closer so I could hire you to take our pics. I just love your work, and not just because you're my BFF. I just really love what you can do with that camera and a bit of photo shop.

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