2017 Fall Sessions

Hello friends...

Wow...this has been a whirlwind start to Fall...

Never in all my years, has my schedule filled up so fast and furious!!!

I have posted  here on the blog, on Facebook and on Instagram since January all the way to September about my Email Sign Up lists in order to attempt to become more organized in my distribution of information and to get FREE session guides out to everyone.
You can read about my "crazy" AND SIGN UP FOR ALL FUTURE INFO: HERE.

Low and behold, that email went out the middle Friday of September and by nearly noon, all my weekend and after school time slots were scooped up.

I do still have some school day options available for Seniors OR if families have flexible schedules with homeschool or work-from-home options and are able to do a morning session.

You can check out my October schedule HERE.


Well, as I try to work around soccer games, play performances, tennis matches, school conferences, and just the run of the mill MOM stuff, we also have to figure in the lovely Ohio weather...

I have no idea what this Fall is going to be like...

I'm sure many of you are already seeing that the leaves are changing color already.  In years past, that hasn't really started until we at least get into October, with the peak being around the 3rd week of October.  Last year, the warmer weather led right into November, with leaves still on the trees as well.

IF that happens this year,
AND I don't have too many reschedules that will need rain dates before daylight saving kicks in, THEN I will contact those that wish to be on a wait list for whatever dates I may have available in November.

I will also keep my "wait list" people posted about potential cancellations..."LIFE" does happen from time to time with sick kiddos and/or poison ivy (I've had it happen!) and suddenly there is a spot that opens.

If you'd like to be on that wait list, just email me at ctphotomemories@gmail.com

I'm sad to miss those of you that were unable to find a compatible time and I hope you'll consider a spring/summer session in 2018.

Spring/Summer sessions are filled with evening golden hour glows because the sun stays out so much longer into the evening...

...we can take a stroll in town for ice cream
...we can document a beach day at Alum Creek
...we can go to the park and swing on the swings
...or we can take a walk in a park and explore with your family...

while I capture the STORY of your family!!!

I'll be utilizing the current email list that I started this year to send out information periodically, so if you are signed up, you are good to go!

I hope you have a beautiful Fall!  I'm looking forward to caramel apples and pumpkin picking...and especially the holidays and spending time with my family!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and stories to see some BTS life with me as well.

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