"Music is how feelings sound"

Some people are just wired to "feel music"...they GET it!

My middle daughter is an example of this...she doesn't just listen to music, but she feels it inside.  She's still young and I will admit that I haven't been the best at pushing this passion, but we still encourage it.  It led me recently to finally search for an instructor that could guide her and give her not just more technical understanding, but help her to get what she has on the inside to express itself through the music she creates...she's my lover of piano, drums, violin, ukulele, vocal...etc...

And so, when I discovered Melanie, I was thrilled to have found someone who has that passion and a love for youth...

the bonus, is that I got to experience, first hand, how she & her husband have instilled that same love of the arts in their own kids...

Case in point: Parker

He's not only well-mannered, kind, confident and debonair..but, he has a CREATIVE soul as well...this creativity that seems to pour from every ounce of his family has led him to pursue a future education in architecture, alongside his already developing pursuit of music in HS band. 

I joke about my 'right-brainedness' often...because it sometimes doesn't mesh with the business, analytical, organized things of the world...and without trying to "pay myself on the back", but rather shout out encouragement to other "creatives"...

it's sometimes the messy, sometimes the color, sometimes the harmony that draws the most attention to the beauty that surrounds us in the mundane and everyday...

I had a fantastic session with Parker last fall...I can't believe we were able to get it in, in between his performance schedules and the crazy weather...It even started raining towards the end of his session, but we still were able to grab enough images to showcase his many facets...

And because I love Melanie so, we squeezed a few extra moments in there to get some family pictures as well.

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