The weather forecast is looking like it "may" be starting to improve...

as in, it MIGHT be Spring...just around the corner!!! 

Considering that March 20th (TODAY) is actually the "official" first day of Spring, I'm happy to see that the weather has decided to "eventually" follow suit!

It also means that the Class of 2017 is getting ready to GRADUATE!  

I'm sure there are parents everywhere saying, " did we get here already?"

It's amazing to me how time seems to fly in some situations and then drag on in others...

I want to showcase some of these upcoming graduates over the next few weeks...

This is their MOMENT TO SHINE! 

It's neat to think that when they enter this world, there is a time for excitement...we schedule photo shoots to showcase their tiny toes and button nose...through out their school years, we do the obligatory school pics but, we focus on our family and the LIFE that is being lived...

and then...

We come to the moment where one is about to "leave the nest" if you've spent the toddler/preschool years establishing authority, then you moved into developing their character & growth and finally the last years have been about internalization and independence!  

They are at the cusp of the journey...

Emma has arrived at this point...and she's the first of her siblings to do so...

She's incredibly intelligent and focused...
and meshing with that determination is a soft heart and gentle spirit.

Her parents have done a tremendous job of not just training, but walking with her so that when this time came, she'd have the confidence and knowledge of how to succeed.

It is my joy to showcase all the facets of an individual in a photo session...the silly, the fun, the gentle, the serious, the intelligence, the confidence...

She's all of these wrapped in a beautiful package!

Congrats Emma!!!

AND to the upcoming Senior class of 2018...stay a couple days, I'll have a sign up FREEBIE for those that are about to embark on this journey as well!!! 

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