Little Lumberjack

You may recognize this little guy...

He (and his family) just won the recent Family Fave Contest from a week or so ago...

It was a challenge to fit into the schedule last fall because life with a new little one is unpredictable...just when you think everything is on a schedule & good to go...they learn something new, or they catch a virus, or they start teething...

It definitely keeps one on their toes!!

But, I don't think anyone would argue when I state that it's TOTALLY WORTH IT!

They are a sweet, committed, lovey, kind-hearted family...with eyes that see to the heart and not just what's on the outside...

You can tell this by the way they interact with each other and with acquaintances...their choice of words and the way they settle easily into step with one another...

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them and am ecstatic that I get to see them again this summer (and then again for a few quick mini snaps in the fall as a bonus)

I am blessed beyond belief with the families that I come in contact gives me such hope and encouragement for our next generation!!

Congrats little lumberjack man...looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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