Connecting Hearts

Connection, kinship, relation, reciprocity, affiliation…relationship

It all comes down to relationship.

It’s how we all “feel” connected…like we belong!

Try to think about how you feel when you make a connection with someone else…on a random outing, you recognize a commonality…there is that instant bond…”ohhh, I know you…”

It’s in those moments that your world gets wider, but at the same time, you feel more connected and closeknit within a community. There is a security and a happiness in knowing that you are known…that you are of value just because you are you!

I have 2 connections with this family…unbeknownst to me before we met for our photo session…one is within my own circle of friends and the other through my extended family…and through both of those, I’ve learned to greatly admire and love them.  

Some people will "connect" by saying, "Oh yes, I know them..." and there are a few little tidbits of information...but, it goes deeper with this family.  Comments made about them were glowing..."Oh, yes I know them...Oh my, they are the kindest, most wonderful people...Their sons...OH MY...and their little girl...." gush, gush, gush...

All these tributes were given unabashedly and without prompting...

If that isn't evidence enough that they make a mark on this world...on the people they meet each day...THIS is what "living life to the fullest" is all about!

Kate  – (31.3.16)  

You brought tears to me eyes! I am so glad that our lives intersected! You are amazing, Colleen! Can't wait until the next time! ❤️

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