She's a typical "baby" of the family.  With that comes a lot of laughter and joy and crazy and household shenanigans...

It brings adventure and risk taking and most of the time getting to do things wayyyyy earlier than your big sisters ever got to!

However, it also means, sometimes...that you can tend to be a tad more clingy to Mommy...(or maybe Mommy is a tad more clingy to baby???)  Whatever the case, doing things independently, facing challenges and difficulties can sometimes be built up in one's mind to be a bit scarier than the reality.  
That said, we had a dentist appointment today to check on my Little Munchkin's permanent front teeth that she whacked back in October.  

Things have calmed down a bit.  She started using regular utensils about a week and a half ago.  The front teeth aren't wiggly anymore, but the gums are still a tad swollen.  She does "feel" pain, but, if you read the above prefaced account, you'll understand why the extensive "tests" that could have been done were not accomplished today.

We were able to get teeth cleaned and being the good mom that I am, I held her down so that the dentist could do what absolutely needed to be done...but fear is still a huge factor in her head right now.

So far, the prognosis looks fairly good.  The teeth are not discolored, they are staying put in position, and she can eat normally.  What is still not known is the state of the nerves inside the teeth.  

All in all, it was a good visit and we felt positively about it.  

She's still dealing with fear and is extremely cautious about eating (and running and playground equipment, etc) Unless the teeth start to discolor or she experiences continued pain, they are fine with waiting the regular 6 months in order to see her again. If any of those things happen, at any, 3 months from now or 30 years from now, it would likely mean root canals for both teeth.

I want to thank you all for your cards, sincere messages, kind remarks, and most importantly your heart felt prayers!  We know that in comparison to all the "BAD" that happens in this world, this incident was extremely minuscule...but, we do have Someone that cares even about the tiny sparrows, so I'm confident that my little one's fear & teeth are important to Him too!

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