Hello Again!!!

It's the last day of November!!!  I can't even believe we made it!
Well, I can believe it but it felt like we might not survive there at the end.  

Fall is hectic for everyone, however, for someone who is rather right-brained to begin with, I heap more trouble upon myself with my lack of organization...so in time crunches, I usually make matters worse with my haphazardness...

So, add in the girls' sports, homework help, lots of photo sessions and lots of editing, on top of the regular stuff like grocery shopping, housework, and making dinner, well...things just got a little crazy there towards the end of the fall season...(let's just not mention the fact that I haven't even been to the mall since August, so Christmas shopping is wayyyyy behind schedule)

We've started to look to Thanksgiving as our "YAY, We Survived Fall!" celebration and we just stay home...we hunker down, do puzzles and eat lots of food for the long weekend!

Can I tell you how good it felt to just be able to sit and read books with my girls, finish my middle girl's bedroom decor (3 months late)...we just sat and painted her canvases...my hubby took care of the Thanksgiving feast and the girls did their magic on the table settings!  

Saturday, we headed to the tree farm (in the rain & cold) and chopped down our tree!!

I'm excited to get back to blogging about families and photography...and I'll be announcing a SNAPSHOP that I'm planning to host after the first of the new year!

What are you favorite family traditions??? I'd love to hear!!!

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