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This season has been one of my busiest...I've been blown away by the inquiries, but more importantly, by the encouraging words, hugs, emails, messages, even captured images that my amazing families have communicated/sent to me throughout the fall season thus far...

I think it is a very true statement that your "vibe attracts your tribe"!  I have always presented myself as perfectly IMperfect!  I've got my flaws and my quirks...but, I'm fiercely loyal and I love determinedly (is that a word?) 

Therefore, these are the types of families that seem to come to me...

Ones that are more concerned with authenticity rather than a perfect smile...
Ones that want to show genuine relationship rather than try to give the appearance of faultlessness...

It may be busy, my laundry may be in piles, I may start my editing in front of the computer screen right as the rest of my family lays their heads on their pillows for the night...

but, I arrive at each session with expectation and's not a drudgery or "job"...

I can only thank these wonderful families that keep coming back each year...I've come to love them and consider myself incredibly fortunate to have "friends" all over Columbus :) 

This family is the epitome of all that I mentioned above...I love the spark, the energy...(not to mention the CUTEness!) 

Enjoy a few more snapshots of our time together!

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