Alright, last week was something...in case you missed it, you can catch up HERE...

I don't feel so much like I'm "free falling" any longer.  We're still in a place we don't want to be, but we're doing our own moving, our own climbing & don't feel like we've been pushed into a neverending black hole any longer.  I stil ldon't like that my baby may need surgery...nor do I enjoy watching her cry because she can't play soccer or play in the playground, or go to gym class...I don't like that she's self-conscious about her smile or that she's so hungry but can only really "eat" through a straw.  Nope, not ideal persay, but manageable...and in it we're able to find the #goodthings!

And you know what, I didn't cancel our family photos this year...we'll have those in a week or so...she'll be bruised and her teeth are chipped, but you know what?  It could have been worse & you know what else?  SHE'S STILL HERE!  Oh I know I sound morbid & "debbie downer" but hear me out!

If I believe what I say I believe then "every moment" we are given is unique, special & can be celebrated...bumps & bruises included, extra pounds & zits, bad haircuts & damanged front teeth...because everyday we're given is a gift!  I want to be one that embraces the imperfections for the sake of the connections...for the gratefulness of HAVING a moment to share, because I don't know what the future holds.

THIS family has got this whole "idea" figured out already...They inspire me, they do it with humility and grace, but incredible courage & this strength that seems to come out of nowhere but allows them to not just "survive" but THRIVE as a family.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you've seen a lot of these sneak peeks already...I can't help but share the delight & joy they share with each other.  They are just like every other family, but they've honed in on a secret...or not so much a secret, but rather they have tapped into the strength that is given so freely & at just the right time.  I believe it takes being still and knowing...and believing...because sometimes putting one foot in front of the other, is all we have the ability to do in given moments.

I hope you'll smile as widely as I did as their images grace your screen!

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