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"the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight." ~ I Peter 3:4

I love that verse...

Although I struggled with it in college.  You see, I thought that a gentle, quiet spirit meant that I couldn't be my extroverted self...I thought it meant that I had to go around and try to look "holy" and use a mousy voice instead of my huge guffaw laughter and nonsensical humor...In other words, I felt that there must be no hope for me to be "of great worth" because I didn't fall in line with the personality traits in the Bible...

Thank goodness I was wrong...

There are so many people so very concerned with appearance...saying the right thing, acting just the right way...being popular or having the right connections...I'm not saying that we shouldn't shower or get our hair colored...I'm not saying we shouldn't enjoy those around us...

but, I firmly believe we were created for relationship!  And relationships are made from the heart, from the soul of a person...and a "gentle and quiet spirit" is one that is able, even in their FUN interactions, to recognize the "heart" of others...They are able to discern situations in order to make kind and thoughtful choices...

I saw this evidenced in Taylor...She is already beautiful on the outside...she was blessed with gorgeous genes, but, in just our short time together, I recognized a gentleness of spirit in her...an ability through conversation and laughter, to see such a purity of heart...not someone that never does wrong, but someone who walks in grace...Oh, that we would all learn to accept ourselves and others in that light!

You are blessed gal!!!  Beautiful inside and out!!

Dee Dee Ball  – (2.3.14)  

Yes, beautiful! Inside and out. Thanks for sharing.

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